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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

All My Road Before Me Is The Topic Of Our November 10th Meeting

November 10th Jessica will lead us in a discussion of C.S. Lewis's diary from 1922-1927, All My Road Before Me.  It's a long but fun read as you see Lewis in many contexts with friends, fellow students, professors, and many more.

In this work Lewis is still on the journey that will bring him back to Christian faith only around 1930.  So the Lewis we meet here is one still very much in the grip of the chronological snobbery that Owen Barfield cured.

You meet so many of his friends that I'll not try to mention them all.  Many would go on in the future to be the Inklings we hear about.

Enjoy reading the book and when Jessica has formulated the questions I'll send them around.

The Theme meeting on Spiritualism was great fun and we also discussed the Christmas party and have a tentative date, time and location.  Jane will be checking on that  "Go Jane!" --- December 10th, a Saturday, at 1 p.m. until we leave at the Golden Corral in Harrisonburg.  If anything changes we'll let you know.

November 10: Focus Meeting: Lewis' Diary "All My Road Before Me" led by Jessica 
December  10 1 p.m. to whenever at Golden Corral in Harrisonburg.

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