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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday November 12th We'll Be Discussing Lewis's "On The Reading Of Old Books"

C. S. Lewis wrote a preface to St. Penelope's translation of St. Athanasius's work "On the Incarnation."  This became the short four and a half page essay we know today as "On the Reading of Old Books."  You can find the essay HERE  Our meeting will be a theme meeting on the essay.  A Kindle edition of Sr. Penelope's translation can be found at Amazon for $1.00 HERE  

Please join us at 7:30 p.m. on November 12th for a lively discussion.  We;ll be meeting in December to discuss our schedule for next year and discuss how what to read and discuss in 2016.

November 12: Theme: the essay On the Reading of Old Books the introduction C.S. Lewis wrote to Sr. Penelope's translation of Athanasius: On the Incarnation available on the internet in its entirety (see above).  The introduction is four and a half pages long.  Come and share on either the introduction or Sr. Penelope's translation (5-10 min. or so)

December 21st a Monday in the tentative date of the Christmas Party although Stephen is planning to move down to Staunton should he find the house he desires.  I'm not sure of the status of that but we'll likely find out soon.