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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Book for September 12th Is The Magician's Twin

The Magician's Twin is a book of fascinating essays edited by John G. West.  The subtitle of the book is C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society.  The essays derive their inspiration from Lewis's work, especially The Abolition of Man and the third novel in his space trilogy, That Hideous Strength.  We live in a world which has in large measure accepted the Faustian bargain of power through science and has extended an often uncritical authority to scientists and their testimony.  C.S. Lewis respected science but was a sharp critic of scientism.  Peggy will be our discussion leader and we hope to see many of you as we explore the scientist, the magician's twin.

September 12th The Magician's Twin a group of essays edited by John West and our discussion leader will be Peggy (We'll also agree on the selection of essays to read from God In The Dock)
October 10th Selected Essays from God In The Dock by C.S. Lewis led by Melissa
November 8th The Literary Impact of the Authorized Version an essay by C.S. Lewis (17 pages) led by Iain 
December 12th or thereabouts The Annual C.S. Lewis Society Christmas Party where we bring a snack to share and discuss the plans for the coming year