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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Going Forward Through 2015 Here Is Our Schedule

The Balance of the Schedule for 2015
April 9: Peggy will be our discussion leader for When I Was a Child I Read Books: Essays by Marilynne Robinson.
May 14: Theme: Your favorite essay from God In The Dock (pick one and give us 5-10 minutes on why it is your favorite)
June 11: Theme:  What drew you to C.S. Lewis? (share for 5-10 minutes)
July 9: Theme:  What is your favorite book from the Chronicles of Narnia (share for 5-10 minutes)
August 13: Theme: C.S. Lewis on Free Will (any Lewis source: share 5-10 minutes)
September 10: Stephen will be our discussion leader for Surprised by Joy
October 8: Theme: C.S. Lewis on Education (any Lewis source: share 5-10 minutes)
November 12: Theme: the essay On the Reading of Old Books the introduction C.S. Lewis wrote to Sr. Penelope's translation of Athanasius: On the Incarnation available on the internet in its entirety at  The introduction is five pages long.  Come and share on either the introduction or Sr. Penelope's translation (5-10 min. or so)
December TBD: Christmas Planning Party: Stephen has volunteered to host again.  How wonderful is that?  I don't see how he can outdo himself, but I'm up to see him try.

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