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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Here are the questions for the next meeting Mere Christianity Part 3 Thursday May 11th
by Natalya Basinger

Section 4 Beyond Personality
Chapter 1: Why is theology important? How does Lewis argue that theology deepens people's experience of God? How can something "less real" help us understand "the real." How does this play into Lewis explanation of the difference between "begetting" and "making"

Chapter 2: "How is theology practical?" "How does Lewis describe the Trinity?" How does Lewis' explanation of a 3 Personal God lead to the start of Theology?

Chapter 3: Why does Lewis say this is a chapter one could skip? Why does Lewis take the time to explain eternity? Do you think one can be a perfectly good Christian without ascribing to this view?

Chapter 4: What is the importance behind Lewis explaining cause and effect? What does Lewis say is the key meaning behind the statement "God is love?" "How does Lewis describe the relationship between the three persons?" What is the "good infection?"

Chapter 5: How is Jesus the Real Man? What has been done for us?

Chapter 6: What is the challenge Lewis faces in the first criticism of his toy soldier example. In his second point, what does Lewis say is the two extremes Christian's should not be. Why is this important?

Chapter 7: What is the good of pretend according to Lewis? How does this help us understand the Realness of Christ?

Chapter 8: How does putting on Christ differ from morality and being good? How is Christianity both harder and easier? What does the whole of Christianity demand from us?

Chapter 9: How is God like a dentist? What does it mean to count the cost?

Chapter 10: Why aren't all Christian's nicer than all non-Christians? How can 'niceness' prevent belief?

Chapter 11: How does Lewis use evolution to show the flaw in our expectations of the Next Step? What is the Next Step? What is the Zoe? How does giving up ourselves lead to our true selves?

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