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Sunday, July 17, 2016

August 11th Hannah Will Lead Us As We Explore "Perelandra"

Published in 1943, Perelandra continues the adventures of Elwin Ransom who finds himself visiting a planet of floating islands and continuing to explore the mystical world of eldils and Maledril.  On Perelandra (Venus) Ransom encounters Tor and Tinidril, the Adam and Eve of that world yet to be tested.

Hannah will be our discussion leader as we explore this second book of the Space Trilogy.  Next month Ray will lead us as we finish the trilogy with That Hideous Strength. 

August 11: Focus Meeting: "Perelandra" led by Hannah
September 8: Focus Meeting: "That Hideous Strength" led by Ray
October 13: Theme Meeting: Spiritualism Lewis and the Inklings (any source)
November 10: Focus Meeting: Lewis' Diary "All My Road Before Me" led by Jessica December  

TBD Christmas Planning Meeting (Discussion Topic At Any Meeting)

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