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Monday, May 16, 2016

June 9th Peggy Leads Us Discussing "The Discarded Image"

Peggy leads us on June 9th through The Discarded Image -- An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature by C.S. Lewis.  Lewis begins the preface with the statement that:

"This book is based on a course of lectures given more than once at Oxford.  Some who attended it have expressed a wish that its substance might be given a more permanent form."

The book's preface was written by Lewis in 1962 and the book itself was published in 1964 after Lewis's death.  

Come join us in exploring the medieval world's "discarded image" as Lewis saw it at the Barnes and Noble in Harrisonburg at 7:30 p.m. on June 9th.  The schedule for the rest of the year is below.

June 9: Focus Meeting: "The Discarded Image" led by Peggy
July 14: Focus Meeting: "Out of the Silent Planet" led by Daniel
August 11: Focus Meeting: "Perelandra" led by Hannah
September 8: Focus Meeting: "That Hideous Strength" led by Ray
October 13: Theme Meeting: Spiritualism Lewis and the Inklings (any source)
November 10: Focus Meeting: Lewis' Diary "All My Road Before Me" led by Jessica December  

TBD Christmas Planning Meeting (Discussion Topic At Any Meeting)

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