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Sunday, January 17, 2016

February 11th is "Pilgrim's Regress" Led By Elizabeth

The Pilgrim's Regress was the first book published by C.S. Lewis after he converted back to Christianity.  It was written on a short vacation to visit his lifelong friend of the first kind, Arthur Greeves.  Elizabeth will be our facilitator at the meeting on February 11th when we explore the allegorical journey C.S. Lewis pursued to his conversion as depicted in The Pilgrim's Regress.

February 11: Focus Meeting:  "Pilgrim's Regress" led by Elizabeth
March 10: Focus Meeting: "Miracles" led by Jane
April 14: Theme Meeting:  Lewis as Irish/ Lewis as English
May 12: Focus Meeting: "Consolation of Philosophy" by Boethius led by Iain
June 9: Focus Meeting: "The Discarded Image" led by Peggy
July 14: Focus Meeting:  "Out of the Silent Planet" led by Daniel
August 11: Focus Meeting:  "Perelandra" led by Hannah
September 8: Focus Meeting:  "That Hideous Strength" led by Ray
October 13:  Theme Meeting: Spiritualism Lewis and the Inklings (any source)
November 10: Focus Meeting: Lewis' Diary "All My Road Before Me" led by Jessica

December  TBD Christmas Planning Meeting (Discussion Topic At Any Meeting)

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