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Friday, May 15, 2015

What Drew You To C.S. Lewis? Theme for June 11th

We had a great theme meeting last evening on our favorite essay's from "God In The Dock". Our turnout was low but that meant everyone had lots of time to contribute discussion and observations about their favorite essays. I read a brief paragraph from a post by Lois Westerlund on SpareOom, a Yahoo Group I moderate. I had shared that we were having a theme meeting on this topic and lots of SpareOomians offered their favorite essays. Lois went a bit further sending a post to the group about two of hers. I read what she said about "The Trouble With X" --- see below
The trouble with "X". "X" is the person in our lives who makes our life so much harder than it would have to be. It is no use trying to talk to such a person--it won't do any good. Their pride or envy or greed or indifference or laziness is a constant irritation to us. All this God sees. But God's picture is bigger--he sees us in the picture, and we are somebody else's "X"--we, too, have a fatal flaw which we are blind to. He says more in this essay but that is the vivid image that took hold of me and has never let go. --- Lois
Great meeting. Next time our meeting will be a theme meeting as well and the theme will be:
What drew you to C.S. Lewis? (share for 5-10 minutes) See you then! sunglasses emoticon

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