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Friday, January 9, 2015

February 12th Will Be Our First THEME Meeting: C.S. Lewis on Sin!

February 12: Theme:  C.S. Lewis on Sin (any Lewis source: come and share 5-10 minutes)

The idea of a "theme" meeting motivates many of our meetings scheduled for 2015.  Any Lewis source that gives a sense of C.S. Lewis on "Sin" is fine.  Each person will be expected to take 5-10 minutes to talk on their particular discoveries or findings on the topic.

Much of Lewis seems likely to apply including:

1. The Screwtape Letters
2. The Great Divorce
3. That Hideous Strength
4. Material drawn from Narnia
5. The Problem of Pain
6. Miracles
7. Mere Christianity, and
8. The Abolition of Man ...

and those are just for starters.  You may have some ideas based on Inklings as well or secondary sources who wrote about Lewis or little nuggets from Lewis's letters.  Whatever it is bring it along to talk about.  Hopefully the insights will spark more conversation and we'll have some robust and interesting discussions

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