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Friday, May 2, 2014

May 8th We Will Be Discussing The Screwtape Letters

My Dear Wormwood, 

You write that a group of patients in Harrisonburg has intercepted our correspondence and will be discussing it on the evening of May 8th.  You do understand how grave a breach of security this is.  Our agent Caterpod has discovered the discussion agenda.  A certain Jessica is leading the discussion and says:

1. Come prepared to discuss the particular letter that "spoke" to you in some way while you were reading the book.  (apparently Wormwood they have written a book that contains our correspondence ... it must be suppressed.)  Caterpod's intelligence goes on to quote from this book:

2. "There is wishful thinking in Hell as well as Earth." is a quote from the introduction.  Did any of you see examples of this in any of the letters?

As you know Wormwood, Our Father Below does not tolerate "wishful thinking" so this is clearly propaganda spread about us by the Enemy. 

Whatever else you do you must get together with Caterpod and find a way to suppress this breach of our security.  If you fail it will not look good on your next review and you may be sent to the lower circles of Our Father Below's domain.  You will not like that so recover this "book" and confuse the minds of the patients.  We have worked long and hard to convince them that we do not exist.  You must not fail now.

Your very concerned but affectionate Uncle,


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