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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sir Gibbie Questions from Jane

Sir Gibbie Questions

We will be meeting this Thursday April 11th at Barnes and Noble in Harrisonburg at 7:30 p.m. to discuss George Macdonald's book "Sir Gibbie" with Jane as our discussion leader.

A few questions to get you thinking:

1) How important is Gibbie's muteness?

2) What was your favorite part of Sir Gibbie?

3) What character did you like, or related to, the most? Why?

4) Which character did you dislike, or find the most heinous? Why?

5) What ideas, themes or characters do you see in Sir Gibbie that bear resemblance to the ideas, themes or characters in Lewis’ works?

6) (Chapter 5.) What do you make of Gibbie’s heaven and paradise with his drunken father? How does Gibbie’s father relate to the Heavenly Father

7) Is it surprising that Sir George knows Gibbie better than anyone else?

8) How much is Mistress Croale responsible for Gibbie? Sir George?

9) What is it about Sambo's murder that causes Gibbie's loss of innocence and ensuing jourmey?

Some quotes I liked:

(19.) Belief and unbelief are not always quite plainly distinguishable from each other, and Fear is not always certain which of them is his mother.

MacDonald, George (2012-05-12). Sir Gibbie (p. 96). . Kindle Edition.

21.) On the other hand, Donal had in return done more for Gibbie than he knew, though what he had done for him, namely, shared his dinners with him, had been less of a gift than he thought, and Donal had rather been sharing in Gibbie's dinner, than Gibbie in Donal's.

MacDonald, George (2012-05-12). Sir Gibbie (p. 106). . Kindle Edition.

(22.) The word of Christ is spirit and life, and where the heart is aglow, the tongue will follow that spirit and life fearlessly, and will not err.

MacDonald, George (2012-05-12). Sir Gibbie (p. 114). . Kindle Edition.

(23.) It is the heart that is not yet sure of its God, that is afraid to laugh in his presence.

MacDonald, George (2012-05-12). Sir Gibbie (p. 119). . Kindle Edition.

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