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Monday, February 4, 2013

Questions For The Horse And His Boy

Jessica will be our discussion leader for our February 14th meeting at the Barnes and Noble in Harrisonburg at 7:30 p.m.

Questions for The Horse and His Boy

1) What do you think is the theme of this book?

2) Do you think this book fits well in the Narnia series? Why or why not?

3) How do you see Aslan portrayed in the book?

4) Can you see any Biblical parallels in this story?

5) What contrasts does Lewis draw in this story between the city and country and which do you think was liked better by Lewis? Which do you like better?

6) What do you think of the statement that one of the worst results of being a slave is that when a slave gains their freedom, they may have lost the power of forcing themselves to do what needs to be done?

7) Shasta went back and helped Aravis and Hwin when they were being attacked by a lion. Why do you think he did ?

8) What do you think of the statement that when one does one good deed the reward is to be set to do another harder and better deed?

9) Does the hermit add or subtract to the story and what did you think of him and some of his sayings?

10) "I tell no-one any story but their own." What did you think when Aslan said that?

11) Aravis was wounded by Aslan. Did you think it was needed? or not?

12) Did you enjoy the way Rabadash was treated?

13) Over all, what is your opinion of this book? 

14) Do you think that Shasta will be a good king when the time comes? 

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