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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Space Trilogy Begins March 8th

The adventure begins on March 8th at the Barnes and Noble in Harrisonburg at 7:30 p.m. We will beginning a journey that will be extended for three months as we enter the imagination of C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy.

WIKIPEDIA discusses The Space Trilogy with a little background. Lewis was always a science fiction fan, but not so much of what he called the gadget or "engineering fiction." Instead, for Lewis, science fiction was a vehicle for "supposals" that would take you away from your common everyday world into a world that asks you "to suppose" for example that the Medieval worldview was right afterall and the universe was looked over by spiritual beings. This is, of course, only an element in Lewis's supposal in the space trilogy. We will start with Out of the Silent Planet in March which takes us to Mars, and then on April 12th we'll continue to Venus where our hero Ransom enters a different kind of paradise, and then we'll finish the space trilogy on May 10th with That Hideous Strength set on earth, an earth you may recognize in many ways. Lewis said that That Hideous Strength was a fictionalization of the ideas in The Abolition of Man so right after we've done That Hideous Strength we'll read The Abolition of Man so that with the last volume of the space trilogy still fresh in our minds we can see the parallels that Lewis has drawn more clearly.
BARNES AND NOBLE or AMAZON can have the book to you in now time. Read this first volume of C.S. Lewis's space trilogy and come join us in March.

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